Deirdre was a coach, a therapist, a social media guru and a resume writer for me. She helped me create different resumes for different career paths I was considering. Her social media savvy helped me get the resume noticed in key word searches which led to multiple interviews and ultimately a job and career I love.
— John M.

I was out of the workplace for 11 years (SAHM) when I engaged Deirdre to rewrite my outdated resume. Not an easy feat, but Deirdre was able to build upon my volunteer, school and community experience to highlight my relevant and transferrable skills and drew on my accomplishments which I had underplayed. She is professional, friendly, astute and a great listener. I found her intake questionnaire to be thought-provoking and it gave me the opportunity to market myself perfectly. The resulting resume gave me a great sense of pride and I was hired quickly! I truly enjoyed working with Deirdre and highly recommend her services, a smart career investment.  


Deirdre was recommended to me through a private Facebook group. I was looking for a professional to revamp my resume and LinkedIn profile. When we had our first consultation call (before she provided a quote), I knew I had found the right person. She is very detailed, professional and client focused. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and she had great vision for how to communicate my accomplishments. I would highly recommend Deirdre. You will not be disappointed!


Deirdre did an exceptional job of crafting my resume basically from scratch incorporating over 20 years of work experience and professional achievements. From a face-to-face meeting and a handful of emails, she transformed my words into a detailed yet succinct professional document that is worthy of a high-performing Sales Exec. It is sharp, polished, and communicates my professional strengths, work experience, and qualifications in a manner I could not have achieved. She was a pleasure to work with. Employing Deirdre’s resume services was a smart career investment and I highly recommend her should you wish to advance your career.

— conrad k.


I normally don’t write referral or recommendations, but this time will be an exception from my normal practice. I was referred to Deirdre from two of my co-workers who had resumes completed by her. I needed a curriculum vitae (CV) done for some positions and functions that I was applying too. Being tech-savvy, I look for apps, and other program to create this on my own, but decided that I would need a professional to polish and to make it shine through other applicants. Deirdre was responsive to all my email, texts, and calls while completing this larger task that included multiple jobs, certifications, and concurrent time frames. Deirdre went the extra mile in making sure every was perfect and also help with suggestion on optimizing my LinkedIn profile. I actually recommend Deirdre to a co-worker during this process and like me, he is also impressed by her professionalism.

— Tim t.

FANTASTIC PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE WITH DEIRDRE. I was looking for someone to help me with a new resume and I got that and so more from Deirdre. Losing your job can be a difficult time. for me it was a cross roads and an opportunity to evaluate "is my former occupation what I really want to be doing for the next 10 years" Deirdre was a coach, a therapist, a social media guru and a resume writer for me. She helped me create different resumes for different career paths I was considering. Her social media savvy helped me get the resume noticed in key word searches which led to multiple interviews and ultimately a job and career I love. I hope to never need services again however if I find myself unemployed, I wouldn't hesitate to call on her expertise again.


I engaged Deirdre to assist in reconstructing my resume which was a challenge due to my dual expertise in corporate finance and medical device research. The end-result was not only a remarkably professional career document but also a highly effective one; I landed a desired position as a CFO. Deirdre, walked me through her skilled strategy, discussing my career objectives and professional accomplishments with in-depth and introspective questions. She was detailed and methodical and clearly has astute insight into what makes a powerful resume. My resume now reads like an accomplished career story, it is eye-catching, effectively highlights my skills, and the distinguishing qualities I bring to the table. She packed a lot into 2 pages! My only regret is that I did not realize the value of hiring a professional resume writer sooner, I highly recommend her resume services.

— matthew k.


I am very happy with the result. It definitely summed up my past talents and highlighted my accomplishments. It was a pleasure working with Deirdre.  She was able to understand my needs and was able to put it all together with very minimal discussions.  She was also very responsive, I definitely recommend her services.


I had the pleasure of working with Deirdre when she reworked my resume a few months ago. She is fantastic! From start to finish, Deirdre was responsive, communicative, and insightful. My resume now reads like a wonderful highlight reel versus the typical soundbites that usually keep a resume lost in a pile. I have since recommended Deirdre to a number of friends. 


Deirdre did a fantastic job recreating my resume as well as updating/improving my LinkedIn profile. She is wonderful to work with, very responsive and thorough. After receiving the draft of my resume I couldn’t believe it was me I was reading about. Deirdre has a definite talent in pulling all the important details together to make a person stand out to potential employers.

— marybeth r.


Deirdre was amazing to work with in all aspects. She did a wonderful job revamping my resume from clinical nursing to corporate friendly. She worked quickly and professionally even through her vacation, with great results! She continues to check in with me and has also helped with leads on possible prospects! She is one of a kind! I highly recommend!

— jennifer z.

I have been working with Deirdre to rework my resume and she has been PHENOMENAL! She is thorough and detail-oriented and just awesome to work with. The finished product is an incredible improvement over my "homemade" resume. She has been able to take a lot of information and make it look professional, streamlined and attractive. I cannot recommend her more! It was a pleasure to work with her!

— alison m.

Deirdre is OUTSTANDING at what she does! She was so kind, thorough, professional and efficient. When I received my resume I couldn’t believe the person I was reading about was me! She does a wonderful job of taking all of the little (but important) details that go into a job and making them stand out in a way that makes potential employers really see you. I cannot recommend her services enough!

— cali c.


Deirdre takes the time to get to know her clients, does her research on the types of jobs each client is trying to attract, and then carefully crafts a resume that will get her clients noticed by hiring managers. There is truly an art to how she works with a resume to finesse the language and format so that it can get attention in today's online application process. With all the competition for good jobs these days, a well-crafted resume has never been more important. I've worked in marketing for years and couldn't market myself this well! Many thanks, Deirdre!

— melissa c.

Love my new resume!! I didn't have a resume, so Deidre had to start from scratch. She took the information from my questionnaire and our conversations and put together a resume that really reflected my skills (that I didn't know I had) gave value to projects I had done at my son's school and the part-time jobs I have had over the years. Deidre provided me with a professional and modern looking document. 

— laura k.

My overall impression when I received my resume was amazement! My resume was wonderful, and I am so excited to start sending it out.  I needed my resume in such short notice and Composed Career came through for me in such a hectic time in my life. I had just lost my job and wanted to start applying right away. Deirdre was a blessing to work with, I would recommend her to anyone! 

— rachel r.


She upgraded my resume exceeding my expectations. After a discussion regarding my skills, she incorporated it all into a professional format. It looks amazing! Thanks for everything.

— lauren m.

Deirdre was great to work with! She did an awesome job at giving my resume life again!!! She was responsive and patient throughout the entire process, I could not have been more pleased and thankful!!

— nicole o.

The resume looks really good! You did a great job.

— darren j. 

I get compliments on my resume from recruiters!

— j. p.