Spending < 1-3% of your annual income on improving your career prospects is a wise investment. No other document you own except, perhaps the deeds to your home, has the ability to have a direct impact on your quality of life, financial stability, and personal success.


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You are the product and your resume is your billboard. When you think of billboards, what comes to mind? The eye-catching and convincing message, that is directly to the point! Your resume must achieve all this; condense your career to-date into one or two pages and convince the buyer to purchase the skills you have to offer. Your resume is essentially selling your expertise. Don't forget "keywords," those critical words that every resume is scanned for, to see if you possess the essential skill requirements to get the job done. An effective resume is not all fluff and big words; it is a strategically architected, expertly worded, and professionally accurate presentation of your accomplishments and skills. Your resume needs to tell the recruiting manager what YOU can do for them. I can help you tell that story.

Enquire about my resume review service, which gives objective feedback and guidance on how you can enhance your resume with my professional input.


Let us consider LinkedIn. You may ask "Isn't that just my resume on a social network?". Your professional story is your store front. It must intrigue, grab interest, and encourage the reader to dig deeper. LinkedIn is simply THE prime professional networking site today. It is an opportunistic medium to explain those possible “issues” in your resume. Job hopper? Little career mobility? Career gap? It also allows you space to expand on projects you masterminded, talk about your team-building skills or even your marathon accomplishments, while networking with other career-minded individuals. This is your medium to shine without the stringent confines of a resume.

I equate LinkedIn to your elevator speech; online rather than in person. Such an opportunity to advertise your skills!

Every recruiter and HR professional uses LinkedIn to either scout talent or learn as much as possible about a potential employee. LinkedIn boasts over 400 million users and is THE #1 site used by recruiters. In such a competitive marketplace, you want to take advantage of every opportunity to sell your professional story. Its free advertising— showcase your skills, market your brand, and expand your network.

Cover Letters

Cover letters scare you? You are not alone! When writing a cover letter, be aware that it will serve as a writing sample. Cover letters are an opportunity to make a connection and are a great place to explain that career gap or share other important information that may not be appropriate for your resume. I can assist by providing you with you a cover letter that is concise and applicable to the position you are applying for. Moreover, I will also provide some guidance, so you can make your own edits going forward when applying for additional positions.


On track for a promotion? Or do you believe your skills and accomplishments are worth more than your current remuneration? Or have you been called back on multiple interviews, and know that the salary question is coming? With an external evaluation of your skills, your bottom-line impact, and current salary information for comparable positions, I can equip you with negotiation tactics which will help you feel confident and prepared. Together we will discuss all possible employee perks and develop alternative options beyond the confines of dollar amounts for you and your employer to consider, after all, you both have a common goal, to get the job done and propel your company to success. 

Professional Headshots

Including a photograph is a smart move for your LinkedIn profile. Adding a photo to your profile makes you 11 times more likely to be found on LinkedIn. Keep in mind though that it is better to not include a photograph at all than to display an unprofessional image. Your photo should give the impression that you are likable, competent, professional, and progressive. A tall order for a photograph? I have partnered with a seasoned photographer who offers a professional headshot package at a special rate for my clients.This rate is only available when you employ my services and comes with a complete headshot package along, with professional guidelines on what to wear and the image you would like to project.