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What services do you provide?

  • Resume Rewrite

  • Resume Construction

  • Resume Tailoring

  • LinkedIn Profiles

  • LinkedIn Branding

  • Professional Bios

  • Cover Letters

  • Professional Headshots

How long will it take to get my resume or LinkedIn profile updated?

My typical turnaround time is 7-10 business days. I don’t do cookie cutter resumes or LinkedIn profiles. Each project I take on is tailored specifically to you and your target career/positions. Rush services may be available depending on the project.

What is involved in your services?

My resume service typically begins with a review of your current resume (when available) and 3-4 positions of interest (links from online job search sites such as Indeed, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor). Having examples of targeted positions allows me to consider the full scope of the skills required within your desired area of interest. With this information, I am able to provide a free, no-obligation estimate. My resume cost scale typically varies depending on how much updating and “substance” the resume needs as well as the targeted career field, particularly if it is a career change. My pricing is competitive and I can assure that you that my services are an investment in your future earning potential and quality of life.

Should you wish to engage my services, I begin with an email questionnaire, followed by an intake call and a resume deconstruct. This stage is time-consuming but critical to ensuring an individualized resume. A resume must market your skills and experience as well as  your work ethic, it is essential that you are completely comfortable with the final resume content; this is crucial at the interview stage. I basically deconstruct your experience and then rebuild it from the ground up. The result is a relevant, personally branded, and professional presentation of your skills and career to-date targeted to your career of interest.

How many drafts or edits can I make?

When you engage my services, you will receive 3 drafts, completely editable so you can include any comments or changes you wish. I will also provide tips for proofreading and reviewing your document and ample opportunity to discuss any changes before final approval.

How involved will I be in the process?

A resume document and LinkedIn profile are very powerful tools and can greatly impact your salary potential and in turn your quality of life. You are a key part of the process. There will be a lot of questions, self-reflection, even document gathering on your end. I cannot produce a career-building product without your commitment. I take your career and mine very seriously.

Do you have reviews?

Absolutely! Most of my work comes from client referrals, which speaks volumes about my work. You can read my client feedback on my testimonials page.

What is your payment process?

Once you accept my estimate of services, you will receive an invoice for payment of services. Due to the nature of the work and often initial drafts being approved as complete payment is required upfront. We accept PayPal, Square, Venmo, and personal checks*.

*work will not commence until payment has cleared

How do I get started?

Head over to Let's Get Started to see what's involved in the process and learn what to expect! 

Why hire a professional resume writer?

A professional resume writer is skilled at translating and emphasizing the aspects of your work experience, work ethic, professional training, and education that are most pertinent to the career direction you wish to take. 

If you have asked yourself questions like “Do I include my volunteer work?”, “How many years of work experience should I include?”, “How do I convey I was promoted twice within a short time span? That matters, correct?” You see the challenges involved in creating such a life-impacting document or profile. You understand that you can and will benefit from the professional services of a resume writer.

Or maybe you are in a state of avoidance.  It can be a painful process, self-evaluation; reviewing your professional career to-date, your qualifications, your skills and most importantly your accomplishments.  Let’s consider the many professionals we hire to assist us in our daily lives; these may include electricians, landscapers, plumbers. Why? Because we appreciate that we cannot be an expert in everything and we want the job done right or maybe it is more simple; we just don't have the luxury of time. It certainly seems to be a rare commodity these days. A resume that does not conclusively present your accomplishments—Yes, there I go using that word again. An effective resume is not a list of professional tasks/responsibilities, but a display of what you have accomplished for your employer—a resume that is stalling your career advancement is ultimately, costing you income.

Doesn’t it make sense to hire a professional who can skillfully study your career to-date and transform it from a list of duties to a succinct description of your accomplishments, rich with keywords? Think about the potential returns on your investment:

  • Career advancement

  • Salary increase

  • Improved benefits

  • Career/Life balance

What can i expect to receive by working with a professional resume writer?

  • A clear effective document that meets the needs of potential employers.

  • Visually appealing yet professional format.

  • Keywords strategically and competently embedded.

  • “Power” words – Yes, they are a thing!

  • Your own personal brand, just like a logo but in words. You have worked hard and deserve one!

  • A presentation of your accomplishments, not just your job duties. Your impact on the bottom line.

  • Concise, detailed, and impactful content – not word soup ( this is how one of my clients described his resume before using my services. After seeing his completely reworked resume he concisely described the results with a “Wow!” ).