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Composing your professional experience in a manner that is concise but thorough, direct but with subtlety, and keyword rich but applicable is a daunting task. In today's technology-driven job market, competition is intense; more candidates means more rigorous screening. Your professional story needs to create impact from the opening line; if your accomplishments don't shine within the first 30 seconds of reading, you have lost an opportunity. Composed Career can create that resume for you! Professional training, industry knowledge, and networking with experts in the industry makes us the right choice in composing a competitive, effective, and polished resume.


Resume Rewrites and Construction

You are the product and your resume is your billboard. When you think of billboards, what comes to mind? Eye-catching, convincing message, and to the point! Your resume must achieve all this...

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LinkedIn Profiles and Branding

LinkedIn is an opportunistic medium to explain those possible “issues” in your resume. It also allows you space to expand on projects you masterminded, talk about your team building skills and your marathon accomplishments. 

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Cover Letters and More

Cover letters are an opportunity to make a connection and are a great place to explain that career gap or share other important information that is not appropriate for the resume. 

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My resume now reads like a wonderful highlight reel versus the typical soundbites that usually keep a resume lost in a pile. 

— Jennifer J.


About Deirdre

I am a professional skill-set and accomplishment artisan providing expert individually crafted resumes and professional profiles with an excellent track record of interview and job placement.